Informasi Layanan My Opera Bakal Tutup

Thursday,  December 19,  2013 4: 08 PM aku dapat email, isinya ginian:

When My Opera was launched in 2001, it quickly became an important place
for us to meet with you. We have had much great interaction with you in our
forums and blogs. This whole idea of giving you a place where you could
blog, share photos and send emails turned into an interesting, and very
large, side project. 
Over the years, we've seen social media, blogging
sites and new messenger services pop up that offer more and better
features than we could possibly maintain. These offerings are their sole
business. You all know their names and you probably use their services
The explosion of these sites and the amount of resources we need to
maintain our own service has changed our outlook on My Opera. We had a
good run for many years, but we believe your content could have a better home elsewhere, so we have made the decision to shut down My Opera as of March 1, 2014.
Your My Opera email account will also be discontinued on this date.
You can read more about the planned shutdown in our blog post:
You can still stay in the loop. Read our updates and news in our new blog home, - We hope we'll see you there.
The My Opera team
You are receiving this email because you are a member of the My Opera Community

Kayaknya tutup karena udah tertalu capek dijadikan lahan spam sama anak anak SEO nih. Hahaha..

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