Cara setting Google Plus dan Author Ship di Wordpress Blog

Cara setting Google Plus dan Author Ship di Wordpress Blog adalah yang dipaparkan dalam artikel berikut ini. Simplenya, edit, masukan data webmu ke dalam profil gplusmu. Di area Links. Isi nama web dan URL webmu di Contributor to. Udah begitu masukan kode <link href="URL GOOGLE PLUSMU" rel="Author" /> di antara <head> </head> di blogmu.

Kalau sudah test di, misal sukses nanti disana data datanya muncul semua. paling kecuali email authorshipnya.

Itu berarti sudah sukses hehe.

Google+ Authorship Setup
Courtesy of Mad Fish SEO, Inc.
1.) Log in to your Google + account, and click “Edit Profile” at the top of the page.
2.) Scroll down the page and click the “Work” section, and add your company email address.
a. Note this has to be an email with the same domain name in it as the URL you are trying
to link. If you’re trying to link the website, you must add your email address.
3.) Scroll down the page and click the “Contributor to” section.
4.) Click “Add custom link”, and the company name (Company Name) in the “label” field, and add
the company URL to the “URL” field (i.e.
5.) When finished click “save”
6.) Scroll down further, and click the “Links”.
7.) Repeat steps 4 & 5 for filling in the label and URL.
8.) While you’re still logged into Google+, go to the following URL:
9.) Enter your company email in the fourth step on the Google+ Authorship page, and click “signup
for Authorship”
10.) An email should be sent to you from Google. Click the “verify” link which appears in that email.
11.) Add the authorship HTML code to the header of your website template:
a. Copy the URL in the address bar from your Google+ profile page, and remove everything
after the numbers.
b. Then add the URL to the below code and paste into your website home page, blog, and
all other pages where your name appears, or will appear.
<link href="##Your Google+ Profile URL Goes Here##" rel="author" />
Example: <link href="" rel="author" />
Then you should edit it to look like this:
12.) Once you’ve completed these steps, go to the Google Richsnippets testing tool and enter your
website home page to verify that your authorship status is setup correctly
13.) Once everything is setup correctly, under the “Author” section you should see a green “Verified”
stamp like so:

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