List URL Shorterner Bagus yang bisa 301 Redirection It offers all the key features you’d want in a service, with nice stats that show number of clicks over time, what sites are referring traffic to your twitted URL, locations clicks are coming from and Twitter conversations using the URL. It’s also the default in three of the four major clients — or three of the major clients, if you exclude Twitter itself.

Snipurl / Snurl / Snipr / Sn . im
: You kind of want them to pick a name and settle on it (like Sn .im). The service is currently in three clients, but it’s to be dropped from TweetDeck. Within Twhirl, it also uses the long domain. If you want sn .im URLs, you have to go outside the client to make them. Stats are simply the number of clicks — it’s not in the same class as services above. Finally, ZoneAlarm flagged it as spyware. It’s not, but that’s something to consider in case your visitors are running that software and trying to click on your links.

budURL: Being dropped from TweetDeck. Stats look extensive, if you want to pay. One of the longest domain names of any service. Originally I had this down as not recommended, as it issued a 302 redirect. They got in touch with me and said not so! I tested again, and they are issuing 301s. They also provide custom URLs –I missed that. Both have been updated. Finally, they say that Twitterfeed support is coming. That with basic stats make them a nice alternative choice. However, they still can’t handle URLs with parameters (I tested that again, and it’s still an issue). Not built into any clients and the stats are fairly rudimentary.

POPrl: Semi-basic stats, being dropped from TweetDeck. No custom URLs. Very basic stats only, being dropped from TweetDeck. No custom URLs.

Choices Without Tracking
Don’t care about tracking? Then either of these are options to consider: Built into both major software clients.

TinyURL: The default choice for Twitter, built into TweetDeck and Twitterfeed. But the longest domain of any of the popular services. ZoneAlarm also flagged it as spyware — as with Snipurl, this could cause issues for your visitors.

Bagaimana cara mengecek Sebuah URL shortener itu benar benar kasih redirect atau nggaknya? Main aja ke Jajal sendiri URL Shortener redirectmu itu tipenya apa.

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